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What makes a good programmer

December 1st, 2010

Here’s my take on what makes a good programmer:

As you may know the tutorials here on PVT are focused on covering programming syntax. The syntax refers to anything you can write within a programming language to build a valid program. While knowing the correct syntax is vital to becoming a good programmer, it is only the first step. There are two more.

The second step is to learn about the language’s built-in function library. Becoming a good programmer is not about knowing how to use each and every library function from memory. It’s about knowing what is possible through the language’s library and having a good reference site to quickly look up what you need. The functions you use you’ll eventually commit to memory, allowing you to use them even faster.

Once you have the basic programming knowledge and have a grasp of the, often immensely huge, built-in function library, the final step is to gain programming experience. There is no substitute for actual programming experience. Reading through, tinkering with, and building your own applications is the step that will take you to the next level as a programmer. I recommend Sourceforge as the place to go to find source code for real programs.

Good luck on becoming a better programmer.